Nendo kuroyukihime





A Nendoroid of the Black King!Edit

From the popular anime series 'Accel World' comes a Nendoroid if the student council vice-president surrounded in mystery - Kuroyukihime posed in her standard avatar form featuring her lovely black butterfly wings.

She comes with three expressions including a standard face, the smiling face she sometimes and a pouting face for whenever she is feeling jealous. She is wearing a lovely jet black dress with a matching parasol included both open and closed allowing you to decide how to display her. Haruyuki is also included in his standard avatar form - an adorable pink pig!

Info and PartsEdit

Number: 249
Series: Accel World
Price: 3800 Yen
Release Date: Sep 2012
Sculptor: JUN(E.V)

Faces Accessories
Standard Parasol(Closed)
Smiling Parasol(Opened)
Upset Pink Pig


GSC Nendoroid Kuroyukihime

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