Mikkumiku KagamiEdit


Transformed by magic, it's Kagami in Miku's outfit!

It's an image of Kagami that has been popular ever since the cover illustration from the Lucky Star OVA was released, and now it's coming as a Nendoroid -it's Kagami as she appeared within her dream, cosplaying as Miku Hatsune! She comes complete with the two leeks that featured on the OVA's cover, as well as various expressions that show exactly how awkward she feels about cosplaying. She even comes with the popular expression that she made as she said, "I want to ******", as she woke from her dream. The body of the Nendoroid is based on Kagami's body shape, and is thus a completely new mould.

Info and PartsEdit

Number: 62
Series: Lucky Star OVA
Price: ¥3,500
Release Date: 2009/5
Sculptor: Nendoron (Youei Kodama)

Faces Accessories
I want to ****** Leek
Awkward Face
Embarrassed Face
Happy Face


Good Smile Company

Mikkumiku Kagami

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