雪ミク いちご白無垢Ver.Edit

(ゆきみく いちごしろむくVer.)Edit

Snow Miku: Strawberry White Kimono Ver.Edit


Snow Miku is visiting again this Winter, this time in a white kimono!

Designs for the 2013 Snow Miku were submitted by fans to the piapro website and then a winner was chosen by viewers during a NicoNico Live Broadcast. The winning entry was an illustration of Snow Miku with a slightly more mature air, wearing a beautiful white kimono - which has now been transformed into a Nendoroid!

Her cotton veil can be removed, and she comes with two different hair styles to choose from when it is removed - you can display her with either her trademark twintails, or instead with her hair tied up. Sitting parts are also included for a more relaxed pose, and she also comes a number of items for a snowy day, including an umbrella, a toothpick and a snow bunny.

Info and PartsEdit

Number: 303
Series: Character Vocal Series 01: Hatsune Miku
Price: 4000 Yen
Release Date:

Feb 2013

June 2013 (Online Order)

Sculptor: Hidetoshi Seibu

Faces Accessories
Standard Twintails
Crying Umbrella
Smiling Bowl
Sitting Parts


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